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'Centuries ago, before the coming of the conquerors, the Aztec Mystics ruled an empire larger than what is now known as Mexico. The symbol of their power was the Jaguar, the powerful creature that stalked the jungles just outside of their monumental cities. In todays world, the Aztec civilization lies in ruins. Their temples and tombs have been desecrated and their power animal, the Jaguar has almost been hunted to extinction. Despite the encroachment of Western civilization, untold power and awareness yet lie within these ruins and the spirit of the Jaguar.
To desecrate these ruins and this spirit would be harmful to modern man. For these are things that are beyond the perception of modern world. Legends foretold of the greatest of the Aztec Mystics vowing vengeance on anyone who violated their temples and totems. This warrior society used their most powerful totem as their symbol, they were known as the Knights of the Jaguar.

Even now in the new millennium, the long dead Jaguar Knights can sense the violation of their symbols and spirits. Using the Jaguar as their spirit guide to travel through the realms of Death itself, they can stalk their prey through time and exact their ultimate vengeance.''

text written by the Ancient

DJ Rolando a.k.a. The Aztec Mystic - 2000 Jaguar
Info here.

This CD version includes three remixes by Jeff Mills, Octave One and Mad Mike (not the Derrick May ones, though) plus the various re-releases' b-sides. Once more, watch the video here.

Check some Wiki info on the Jaguar Warriors and their role in the Aztec army, as well as on the Jaguar beliefs in Mesoamerica, on Aztlán and the concept of La Raza.

Also check this page on the UR vs. Sony/BMG case; to think that those guys accuse others of piracy...

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