Deeparture In Time

An early neo-Detroit classic, from swedish Aril Brikha in Transmat.

If by chance or accident you've missed 'Groove La Chord' so far, a) this is your chance, and b) you must be living in some parallel universe and read this through a hole in space/time, after all. The rest of the album is not so different, as all tracks are live takes and revolve around the same deep Detroit theme.

This is the second version of this CD; for some reason I don't know Transmat first released that one in 2000; a year later came this, with a different tracklist. As if only to confuse us, Transmat has also released an EP with the same name (with two out of the three tracks that aren't included here). Anyway, the track 'On And On' will be posted very soon (P.S. here).

Aril Brihka - 2001 Deeparture In Time
Info here.

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