I Don't Like Music

A tribute to Telex, the late '70s futuristic electro disco pop band from Belgium, from the likes of Carl Craig, Matthew Herbert, I:Cube, Ian O'Brien, Glenn Underground, Antony 'Shake' Shakir, etc. More or less a housey affair, contains some interesting covers and a few gems.

Telex - 1998 I Don't Like Music
Info here.

Thanks to Musicus, here's Vol.2 as well:

Telex - 1999 I (Still) Don't Like Music. Remixes Vol.2
Info here.

Thanx man.

P.S. First post 2010-04-21


micah said...

Volume 2 is rather dull, I wouldn't expend too much effort trying to get it. I had it, sold it. Think the Derrick May and Morgan Geist mixes were the only really good ones.

Nightlight said...

I know what u mean. Some projects sound better in paper than through your speakers...

Personally, even this Vol.1 I consider to be only halfway decent. House refers more to the funk & r'n'b influenced USA side of the disco sound. I think the rather metronomic, euro synth pop style of Telex might have worked better if directed towards electro or techno trajectories; the Carl Craig remixes are a good example.

micah said...

Agreed. The first one is passable, but the whole gets elevated because of how great Carl's mix is. :)