Are You Really Satisfied Now?

Electro pop with vocals and punk elements from Dakar & Grinser. Unsurprisingly, a Disko B record.

If you only know Dakar from his (beautiful) Get Physical release, you'll recognize the voice but few things besides that. The pop element was there from the start, but this one is not another techhouse album; it's a dirty, drunken praise of depravity and self-abandonment, straight from the dark heart of Munich. First cut 'Take Me Naked' is a timeless heavy, slow-mo electro epic, giving us an idea of what's to follow; most tracks share this twisted edge, using funk and breaks as the basis for acid experimentation spiced with distorted vocals on top. Includes an appearance by Miss Kittin, as well as a cover of Stooges' 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' that sounds ok, until the vocals kick in. And then there's 'Stay With Me' that went rather big for a bit, I think; should have sky-rocketed, in my opinion, as it's a pure pop anthem, full of sweet melodies and optimistic lyrics (and with a decent production...).

Michael Kuhn aka Grinser also was a member of the (rather similar although softer, music-wise) Grom duo.

Dakar & Grinser - 1999 Are You Really Satisfied Now
Info here.

P.S.In the meanwhile I found the promo CD single, with remixes by Patrick Pulsinger (also as an extra in the album), Abe Duque, Tobi Neumann, etc. Here:

Dakar & Grinser - 2001 Stay With Me (The Remixes)
Info here.

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