More Lush Life Electronica

Besides bearing the name of J.Burger's masterpiece (posted here), this is a compilation of soft and deep electronics out through Quango, compiled by Optimo's Pete Herbert (I hadn't noticed that actually, just found out through discogs).

Chilled, sweet, a bit oldschoolish, in other words perfect for the comedown (or just for after a too-full-of-crap day), it came out in 2001, yet most of the tracks here are pure mid '90s synthetic bliss. All involved here are more or less well known artists, most of them posted elsewhere in this blog (dig a bit), while many tracks come from vital releases in famous labels. I'll just mention Move D, Pub vs. Arovane, Steve Barnes aka Process (of FatCat and Traum/MBF fame), John Beltran, A.P.E. and labels like R&S, A.R.T., Pacific, Likemind, etc.

VA - 2001 Lush Life Electronica
Info here.

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JAM said...

nice and chilled, great as background music at dinner time!