Ghost In The Shell (Playstation Soundtrack)

Soundtrack from the PS game (never played it) based on the legendary anime (see here).

CD 1 is a collection of hard bangers with extra minimalistic tendencies (I guess they thought simple track structures help the gameplay), while CD 2 goes into weirder territories - not always with the best results, I might add, yet its good times are the most interesting.

All players are top notch artists, most of them at the peak of their time, see the info page. Still, I wouldn't call it really special as a compilation, just a sample of the tendencies of the time. Includes some rare mixes and good tracks.

VA - 1997 Ghost In The Shell (Playstation OST)
CD 1 - CD 2
Info here.

Btw, on my CD cover the last tracks of each CD are remixes of the Derrick May track 'To Be Or Not To Be'.



Thank you :) I never played it too, but the track list is full of nostalgia ))

Anonymous said...

Hi,please can you re--upload this?