Berlin Outsiders Inside

Berlin Outsiders Inside from Liam Turner on Vimeo.

P.S. A Londoner visitor's view of Berlin; while the creators spend much of their time drawing comparisons between the local and their hometown's scene (typical), they visit a few places trying to grasp that special Berlin mood - ex-squat Tacheles, punk/HC store Core Tex and Tresor Club. The filming succeeds at least to portrait a part of the city's downtown, the architecture and the graffiti and all. The sound is a bit crap, though; and the Thomas Morr interview is indeed short.

P.S.2 Oops, the video is off. If I find it somewhere around it'll be posted again.


delboy said...

the doc is ok, pretty good for a quick look at Berlin -

Tomek said...

Not bad. Interview with Thomas Morr could be longer :)