Aufgang live

So, it's not a post about a lost Voigt project.

I've come to like InFiné more and more recently, a french label I had noticed but overlooked, until I came upon Donso's magical 'Somono Foly' EP. After a little research I found out it's Agoria's label, a guy that I totally respect and adore his music since the first time I heard it - so here I am now trying to hunt down those (elusive in Greece) 12''s whenever I can.

Releases are mostly produced/mixed by Agoria, while music comes from icons like The Hacker and Apparat, new rising stars like Danton Eeprom, Rone, Cubenx, Douglas Greed, Clara Moto and Fraction, plus the pianist Fransesco Tristano.

Every 12" is virtually different from the next one, most of them drawing from the generic techno background, yet common ground ends here. You might hear influences from IDM, italo disco, deep house, electro, neo-classical and trance - mostly combined in weird forms, in varying proportions so that each track is more or less unique. (Even more) exceptional releases are the aforementioned Donso one, combining Malinese vocals, deep beats and quirky percussions and the piano-based landscapes of the Fransesco Tristano ones, together with Rami Khalifé and Aymeric Westrich as Aufgang.

So, a live recording of a recent Aufgang concert is found at the Grandcrew site, here.
Also check earlier posted Carl Craig vs Fransesco Tristano concert here, and a collection of Infine videos here.

It's so good to feel that a label owner really cares for delivering something special and different than the rest of the current music production, breaking down commercially oriented style rules and trying weird combinations. By the way, Agoria's last album (the OST for Luc Besson's film 'Go Fast') is just incredible.

Long live InFiné, you have my total respect.

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