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October 18, 2008
VERSUS: Carl Craig
At Cité de la Musique, Paris, France

Carl Craig teams up with Francesco Tristano (and Moritz von Oswald) in Paris to combine his music, beats and a full orchestra (see Jeff Mills' earlier attempt 'Blue Potential').

I won't judge. My love for these artists is granted.
Mills' DVD I've watched once, not in full if I remember correctly. This one kept me for more, still it got awkward at times. The 'ReComposed' excerpt was really good, 'At Les' likewise; but over all it sounded... just interesting. That is, nice to listen to once, possibly a few times more - but that's it. And I'm a big fan of orchestral sounds; yet I felt that both these attempts had something missing there...

Anyway. What you ought to do is watch the 'Credits' section, where at the end of the show Carl Craig shakes the hand of each and every one of the orchestra musicians on stage. All of them. Then draws the Man out of the curtains, gathers everyone in front for the people to give them credit for the concert, then quietly leaves. Watch it.

P.S. (2009-09-15) Another Craig attempt, this time combining his electronic sounds with jazz improvs by Marcus Belgrave, Doug Hammond and Harold McKinney. Here.

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