Best Of Westbrook Classics

A Tresor compilation of 1988-1990 material, with contributions by Mike Dunn and Armando (not forgotten).

Bam Bam - 1995 Best Of Westbrook Classics
Info here.

'Where's your child'... I remember the goosebumps when the synth line kicked in... Now I'm about to have one, it sounds a bit scary... Times do change.


shift_4ward said...

cheerz: great post this one.

the saucer people said...

Huge thanks for sharing the Bam Bam Westbrook compilation and in such a high quality rip too! (Try finding a decent rip of 'Where's Your Child' on the interweb, its mindblowing given the status of the track!).

Bam Bam is one of those artists who never really gets the full credit he deserves; I think the aforementioned 'Where's Your Child' and 'Give It To Me' are as easily as seminal as anything by May/Atkins/Craig/Pierre/Jefferson and yet if he is mentioned its often as an after thought....I know here in the UK both those tracks were so loved and provided the link between Chicago acid house and the more darker Italo-Disco and early-mid eighties 'industrial' synth led bands such as Front 242/Portion Control/400 Blows and Belgian New Beat.

Freakin' wonderful post, you sir, are a star!

Nightlight said...

I'm not even sure I like most of the early Derrick May stuff (Strings Of Life excluded, of course)...

I first got in touch with Chicago music through the Jack Trax compilations. The more soulful house tracks were fine but rather soft for me; so guys like Phuture, Bam Bam and Armando instantly became references.

Another one left out of all this fuzz is Eddie Flashin' Fowlkes, for different reasons. Anyway, thank the gods for Tresor.