The last Whirlpool Productions album, along with the CD EP out of it (with a Tiefschwarz remix).

For me the more mature and complete deposition of theirs, a post-everything album full of grooving house music, disco references and style wars. Voices dominate while typically surpassing the 'weird' level, making the outcome totally surreal and immediately accessible at the same time. Definitely dancefloor music, yet for extremely friendly drunks or for funky disco aliens I wouldn't know.
I don't know if they could do better than that; no wonder they split up later.

Remotely similar to the International Pony records (see *,*) and other Ladomat 2000 stuff (*,*), with more hopefully to be posted soon. Usually I classify them under the Hamburg label.

...hold your head up high... is all we need to get by...

Whirlpool Productions - 2000 Lifechange
Info here.

Whirlpool Productions - 2001 Lifechange CD EP
Info here.


Mathrocker said...

I love the song Lifechange, It make me feel nostalgic, I remember when I was 14 years old and attended secondary school. So thank you for sharing this.

Mathrocker said...

Thank you again, my computer crashes and I lost all. It were hard to find your blog again, it's the only place on the Internet were Whirlpool productions Lifechange is. So thanks.

Nightlight said...

It's such a pity man. Hope you put everything back together.

discordia_6 said...

While Ladomat is based in Hamburg, Whirlpool Productions were from Cologne. Lots of weird sounds have come from here... :) Love your blog, by the way, thanks for sharing all those classics.