I had this one for a long time, left unheard in the back of some CD boxes. Classified it as a typical french 'chill-out' CD, I'd skipped through it a couple of times and forgotten about it (except the 'Camping Jazz' track). They are I:Cube, which I already knew and liked due to his harder approach and Gilb'R, owner of Versatile.

Later I bought I:Cube's 'Acid Tablet' and their 'Baroque' one, and both EPs happily surprised me musically, while the Versatile connection with Berlin's Innervisions slowly became apparent (see also here). But I was really left speechless by their 'Body Language Vol.5' compilation, the eclectic crown point of a remarkable series (that I thought had already reached its height with Dixon's 'BD Vol.4'). A collection of mostly unknown tracks combining acid, techno beats, disco and electro plus a manic Henrik Schwarz track, it urged me to dig this one out again and give it another chance, trying to understand how could I have passed by such a serious project.

The truth is that this album is a totally different affair. By 2005-2006 the label had already built their name and been going well - with the rise of the 'nu-rave' electro-rock hype and all, as well as the success of Joakim's more idiosyncratic attempts in disco- and prog-influenced electro. For good reasons, I'd say, as Versatile sounds to my ears the most quality consistent and cerebral oriented label of all the similar french ones. Back then though the french chill thing was still big, and more or less this album follow the norms of that style, in somewhat typical chill house and downtempo structures. There are many rare elements in there though, nice deepness all around, lush synths and jazz- funk inspired beats and weird ethno references, take your pick. I've spent many hours listening to it in repeat and I can assure you, even though it might not grab you at first, it slowly grows on you.

Ch√Ęteau Flight - 2000 Puzzle
Info here.


Daniel said...

i love chataeu flight, do you have something else of them?
many thanks!

Nightlight said...

Oi, I missed your comment, sorry. No, I remember a couple of 12''s only.
I'll keep looking though. When I find the time I'm checking all used CDs around the shops and lately fresh batches include a lot of stuff like this.