Erobique is Carsten Meyer, one of the International Pony 'supergroup' trio (see here). This album went out in Acid Jazz Records, more or less a compilation of existing tracks released firstly on vinyl, then on his debut CD 'Erosound'.
I found this some time ago in the crates, forgotten. At last I was able to understand a big side of Ponies' weirdness, the r'n'b elements (in relation with the acid squelches), as Erobique is a born groover, mostly keeps the tempo down and is rather more interested in modernizing a funky beat than in 909s. Of course, when he bangs he does it with no regard to norms and styles.
If you're interested in the Hamburg scene, check this one. If you like the Pony, it's mandatory.

Erobique - 2001, Discodebut
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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