The Matrix Of Us

An atypical record for John Tejada, creator of monumental tech house tracks and experimental works for over a decade through his own Palette and other influential labels (Plug Research, PokerFlat, 7th City, Immigrant, Fenetic, etc.) often along with friend Arian Leviste.

Not one of his more famous records, it went out on deFocus, a low-profile UK label with IDM background and some Plaid (+One) and CiM releases among others. Here are revealed his early pre-house influences; hip hop, detroit funk and '90s electronics. Shifting and flowing, mostly downtempo tracks of various styles blend into each other on an urban sound canvas, presenting a solid, coherent and personal view into the world of John Tejada. You may call it a chill out record but it'll do it no justice. Music to watch the city lights late at night .

John Tejada - 2000, The Matrix Of Us
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.


Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for this.

I have the +one album from defocus and have always really liked it. Do you have the Cim - Reference album, or other Cim?

Nightlight said...

Of CiM I just have some tracks on vinyl and a couple in compilations. Check the IDM trade blog (see links), 99% you'll find something. I missed the +One back then, if you have a way to post it somewhere let me know.

Anonymous said...

yeah, sure, i'm the guy that commented about Ambient Systems, I could post them both. Any idea where I can post them? I haven't done that before.

Nightlight said...

Great. Try zshare (, or any other share company. that doesn't require you to log in or something. It's easier than it seems. You're given an address, which you note down and later can use to spread it around.

Nightlight said...

I think it 'd be good for you to get a Gmail account which also gives you a Blogger account, so you have a mail to use for exchanges. Also you won't have to be anon. in comments unless you really want it, haha. And thanx in advance.

Atlantis said...


Here is Plus One - Bare Necessities, broken into 2 folders so i could get it in zshare. let me know if it works or doesnt.
pt. 1 -

pt. 2 -

Nightlight said...

Sure it works, just downing them. Thanx a lot man.