And after all these clicks and cracks and pops and the rest, time for some heavier stuff.

Welcome the machine called Autotune, that is Adel Dior, Toni Planet and Fabian Feyerabendt of Tok Tok (see also the UMO post). After their experimenting days they started their club excursions from Mueller Records. With a super-rich past, the future ahead of them seemed brighter... in a manner of speaking. Actually it turned out to be dark and dirty and rough (if you've heard the 'Player Stuff' or 'Psycho Revolution' 12''s you know what I mean). With their collaborators in various combinations (as The Dose, Tulasonic, Ultrahigh) they helped Woody to make Fumakilla the landmark in Berlin music that is. Even though lately we don't seem to have common tastes anymore (the FumaLab 12'' was disappointing) I had always anticipated their next move and I still do.
I bought this one almost by luck, just because I barely knew the label and liked the cover or something. I don't know what I was actually expecting , but what I found was a familiar yet truly new style of music. Electro sounded too poor a description, I called it Disco Tech and up to now I haven't found a better term. Crazy filtered disco samples over tightly compressed hard beats, arpeggio synths and vocal samples in plenty, imagine Chicago meeting Berlin in a back alley of Tokyo for a quick one. Parallel routes you'll find in Daft Punk's manic drum programming or Moscatello's disco obsessions and Chicago minimalism; although I think Mr.Mueller pushed towards a certain (synthy) direction.
Especially tracks 5 and 6 were never left out of my set for a long long time (even though I hated playing CDs). In track 4 Soffy O. borrows her voice for cut-ups, later on she did it in full to made a beautiful pop record with Feyerabendt and Tok Tok and hit the jackpot. So, these days Autotune go minimal (as if they weren't enough already) but also thin... but who am I to tell them what to do. I just would like to feel again the rush of condensed energy of 'Blade Runner' or 'Strike Back'.

Autotune - 2000 Ladyshaker
Info here.

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