Sub Dub

Another Instinct Ambient record, on the dub side this time. Sub Dub are John Ward and Raz Mesinai, a duo that soon established a name in its rather short-lived career, with releases and compilation participations in big NY labels like Axiom, Asphodel and of course I.A.
They were promoted alongside Illbient/Crooklyn artists of the above labels as they shared their heavy dub techniques and dark, otherworldy atmospheres, yet their sound had ethnic elements due their love for Middle East percussions and samples, as well as (relatively speaking) some kind of song structures. Both characteristics Mesinai kept using in his solo work or his recent dubstep infected releases as Badawi.
This is their first album, rough, polymorphous and interesting.

Sub Dub - 1996, selftitled
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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