Magic Tracks

Compilation of timeless Detroit tracks by Juan Atkins, out in Pow Wow (NYC label that sometimes promoted the Detroit-Berlin axis). It's also noted here and here as the (lost) Tresor24CD, later four tracks were released here.

Tracks by Scan 7, Keith Tucker, Drexciya, Gerald Donald solo, Ron Cook of Audiotech, Eddie Fowlkes and Juan himself. Highest quality archetypal Detroit sound, you won't regret it. Personal favorites are the deepest techno soul ever 'Deepcover' track of Flashin' Fowlkes, the tech-trance-dub '21st Century' epic of Scan 7 and Infiniti's club classic 'Flash Flood'.

Despite the inexplicable cover and the problems with disc mastering (apparently no one did any, Fowlkes' track is non-existent) it's a classic. I recently noticed it's on sale for 30 euros, so it must be out of print. It's a pity.

VA - 1993 Magic Tracks compiled by Juan Atkins
Deep Detroit Volume Two

Info here.

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gary said...

yum yum, lots of luverly detroit. great blog. nicely written.
thank you.