Electric Opium

Substanz-T are a duo publishing in Hymen Records, the more accessible sub of weirdness distributor ant-zen label. They have released three albums (all in Hymen) and their music sounds completely mature and distilled, a hallucinogenic mix of electro and EBM-ish influences and phat european post-WARP electronics (a bit on the DUB side). 'Chill-out' music bordering on the unsettling but never quite crossing over there, introvert and deep yet at times bright. Participating are the always great FM Einheit as well as Yapacc, one half of Perlon's Narcotic Syntax. Also contained is a great rhyme by Sisco (no info...) that drops like a bomb in this otherwise totally otherworldly atmospheric collage.
Member Arne Stevens participates also in In-Waves project along with Stefan-X.

Substanz-T - 2003, Electric Opium
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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