Second Steve Bug album, the last one in his own Raw Elements label. Techhouse with a lot of oldschool elements and spartan track structures; it's still house music though, deep, smooth and at times funky as hell. I really posted this one for the 'Big Cheese From Wisconsin' and the 'Rhodes Flash' tracks.

He's a good DJ for sure; not exactly my favorite producer, yet much respected and effective in club terms - I really liked some of his releases up to the 'Loverboy' era. Since then, he turned too much towards this (post-cocaine) variation of techhouse that was named 'minimal' (and really gets on my nerves, as you have established by now). The last 'Collaborative' concept sounds a bit better, still I'm not 100% convinced...
The thing I find more interesting, now that I listen to this one again after all these years, is how little his sound has changed through time. He's still playing the same stuff over and over again. He could have disguised this one as a new release, a 'going back to the roots' project, and very few people would have known. I consider it more a sign of creative stagnation, rather than a 'sticking to his sound' mentality. Still, many others of the deep house scene have followed his example and made careers out of it... Draw your own conclusions.

More Bug tracks here.

Steve Bug - 1997 Volksworld
Info here.

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