We knew them as Acid Jesus, now as Alter Ego. Jörn Elling Wuttke and Roman Flügel need no introduction, so I won't bother. Sensorama is the name they used for their Ladomat 2000 (*) releases.

Sensorama - 1995 Welcome Insel
Info here.

Sensorama - 1996 Zu Gast Auf Der Welcome Insel
Info here.

Sensorama - 1998 Love 2LP
Info here.

Sensorama - 2000 Projektor
Info here.

Someone had asked for one of these in the comment box. I meant to post it properly, then went for the big one. 'Su Gast..' is a remix compilation on the 'Insel" album.
All rips are 192kbps, none mine - thanx to the original uppers.

P.S. Originally posted 2009-12-04. Modified thanks to Jens, who sent a link for 'Projektor' (320kbps) that helped us fill this hole. Thanx again man.

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