Kanzleramt Five

Why would someone call his label's first showcase album 'Five' is beyond me.

Besides that, what we have here is an excellent all-stars compilation of late '90s Berlin techno, showing off all those elements that made us love Kanzleramt before they were assimilated in a defined style - deep and hard techno, pure electro, funky minimalism, druggy beats and cavernous echoes. Techno fans, don't pass it by.

VA - 1999 Kanzleramt Five
Info here.


Steve said...

In 2001 or so, I was considering moving to Berlin, because my girlfriend was there. I sent out applications to a bunch of recording studios looking for work, and to my surprise, one of them actually called me in for an interview. When I showed up, I was amazed to find the studio was in the same building as the headquarters of one of my favorite techno labels, Kanzelramt. I told the studio owner that I was a big fan, and he said "Oh they're cool guys! Let's go meet them." So I got to take a tour. It wasn't much to see, but Heiko Laux was there working on a track. They gave me this double pack on my way out. I'm happy to see it here, it's a good rekkid. My favorite kanzleramt release, though is Reality To MIDI by Johannes Heil.

Nightlight said...

Nice story.
I also like J.Heil very much. Watched an interesting interview once (I think it was in a Slices DVD), with many references in metal, industrial culture and magick. Cool guy, have some CDs around... Watch the next one