tbtmo is a Philadephia,PA.-based label, active for a decade or so, providing us a wide range of melodic electronics with pop references and an experimental edge (and a few sweet beat deviations). Not far from the sound of certain SF labels, actually; without the ear-bleeding elements though.

Once again, I know very little of them; their connections with Darla / Fuzzy Box might have been the only factor that made it possible for me to get to know them through a couple of CDs that slipped this way at about 8-9 years ago, when there was still a hype around here in the 'weird pop' department. Anyway, we're talking about artists like Sean O'Neal (that made an impact recently through his 'minimal'-tinted releases as Someone Else) and his Flowchart project; the brothers Mall, and Transient. Also, guest appearing in this one is Dntel as James Figurine.

I think I have a Flowchart and a Mall CD somewhere, if someone's interested let me know.

VA - 2001 Vibon CD comp
Info here.


Tomek said...

I thought that only I remember TBTMO ;) In later years, many members released material in the popular netlabels. One of the newer (2006) and one of my favorite eps:

Nightlight said...

I'd like to have more stuff from them. I was actually considering to take their PLUS offer. Have to fix my PayPal account, like today...