Punished By Machines

What a title! Oldschoolish yet fresh and throat-grabbing electro released on Mikrolux, the electro oriented sublabel of Elektrolux.

MAS 2008
, also known as the Electronic Corporation nowdays publish almost exclusively on their adorable label of the same name. To my ears they sound really close in attitude and style with the likes of Bolz Bolz, Kitbuilders, the C.B.S. guys or Das Drehmoment. Or with the respected Twilight 76 label, where they've released two 12''s, or others that represent the darker side of Detroit bass (without the booty factor, though). Similar to the really strong Central and Eastern Europe underground electro communities' sound, the E.C. boys combine pure electrofunk 808-style elements and the european '80s underground minimal synth sound (that had influenced the Detroit pioneers in the first place), with a light touch of circa 1989 EBM elements and the occasional trancey sweeps.

This CD represents their glossier side, production-wise (it's for Elektrolux, after all). Still, it's neat without becoming sterile and all songs come out really well. It's an album that I kept playing for some time when I bought it and from time to time I go back to it. Found it after some digging, so here it is.

MAS 2008 - 2002 Punished By Machines
Info here.

P.S.1. Check the EC compilation CD here.

P.S.2. Repost. First posted 2007-10-22.

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