Thomas Schumacher in full power plays hard music for the new millennium. Bastardized sample-based techno, break electro, german hip hop, pure rumble bass and repetitive dry beats mix up for maximum dancefloor effect. Only a couple of tracks give a hint of the later direction he took with Elektrochemie's (no LK) vocal-based later releases in Get Physical.

It's interesting to see how this post-rave sound (see Plantage13) was an influence to electro-house and other mainstream styles, which mercilessly copied its sounds and techniques and just softened them a bit.

Elektrochemie LK - 2001 Gold!
+ the videos
Info here.

Video clips of 'Schall' and 'When I Rock' included in the data part of the CD were posted separately. I think I forgot to include the covers in the .rar, get them from Discogs.

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