Monophace + Clubsessel

Mainly known as Misc. and Niedeflur (for their M_nus releases), they come from Cologne but worked mostly with iconic Berlin label Sender, spreading their rumbling mini-techno to the world. Although a bit repetitive ('minimal') during the last years, they maintained some side-projects from time to time; two of them are presented here. More info in their Hybrid Music Club site.

Clubsessel is a clicks'n'cuts one-off affair, cold and chilling drones mix with scarce beats. Monophase is their drum'n'bass project, although in this album they sound more than a cross-breed between click techno and two-step. (Did somebody said 'dubstep'? You shouldn't, it's only 2002 yet...) They released their debut in Kabuki's label; so there are similarities to his later sound as well as to other projects of the Combination Traffic compilations posted here. Contains spine-chilling 'The Need', which proved to be the project's swan song.

Both albums out through k2O Records (*).

Clubsessel - 2002 Clubsessel
Info here.

Monophace - 2002 Random Factor
Info here.

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