Clock Wise

Another sadly overlooked k2O album (*,*).

The debut of Dennis DeSantis (also a percussionist, now working for Ableton) at first sounds more influenced by UK techfunk than Detroit techno, despite him living in NYC at the time and releasing in one of Berlin's phattest and toughest labels (see Kanzleramt). Then the loopy progression of the tracks and the clear, software based production shifts the attention towards Berlin; specifically towards this (almost typical now) loopy, minimal, bright techhouse/ techno style eventually adopted by most americans and canadians living and working there.
DeSantis' approach is a bit different, in the sense that he's more synth-based than the average 'minimal' producer; lots of rich pads and sweet strings and melodies over steady beats, his music brings in mind early '90s ambient techno loops mixed through Live, raised on a higher energy level. Neither sleepy electronics nor techno for pills; he manages to balance the elements enough to provoke interest without wrecking our ears.

Seeing how well artists of M_nus and similar labels are doing with their recent releases, this should be a world-wide hit...

Dennis DeSantis - 2002 Clock Wise
Info here.

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