I'm going crazy again. I listen to a lot of things these days and I like some of them, just not enough to feel satisfied. My musical tastes start to shift again... You'll notice it from time to time that I don't post that many stuff. Mostly it's because I'm out of time, but the problem just mentioned also counts as a factor. At times like these I grab on to some artists that inspires me (even a little bit) and go back and listen some of their older stuff - then I check again the artists around them, just in case I missed something, hoping they will give me a new direction.

In this case it was Move D. My respect for the man goes back a long time (Source releases here) and I can safely say that his recent releases in Smallville with Bejamin Brunn are some of the best stuff around (especially #8), as long as you're into deep stuff. And I don't mean the echospace[detroit] kind of deep (which irritates me right now, sorry) but the DJ Sprinkles kind of deep - some more of the best stuff around. Anyway, the hallucinogenic elements and audio quality of their recent releases made me reach back for some compilation or other and I came upon this one.

To make a long story short, even though this one went out in Plug Research it sounds like a Source record made in the States would. I mean, it combines those colorful post-jazz ambient and subtle electronics with West Coast's love for DSP processing and post-rock, either in a contrast or in parallel. Nothing extreme or groundbreaking, mostly relaxed and downtempo, it's listening music at its best. And got me interested again for Russ Gabriel.

VA - 2001 Intermission
Info here.


Brad said...

I like the way you write about music. Respect to Move D. Thanks for what you do.

delboy said...

yup agree with you there , satisfaction is def not guaranteed with the bulk of new music, its too easy to make a 'track'; people dont know how to 'jam the box' as the box is not even in the equation anymore!

Ive just found Jamie Principles 'waiting for my angel' on youtube;
thanks again for the work put in on the blog; still caning the tejada mix of psi performer- brilliant-