Going South

So, this is Klas-Henrik Lindblad, either known as Sasse, Freestyle Man and/or the owner of Moodmusic label. This I believe is his first album, as well as the only CD out through Keys Of Life, the housey daughter of Sähkö.

House music, deep and laidback mostly, with a lot of horns, guitars and (guess...) keys; also weird enough to grab our interest, while not turning 'experimental' just for the name of it. In turns hypnotic, hedonistic and artistic, I consider 'Going South' to be a true album. More than the sum of its tracks, it's full of soul in a way deeper than many many other supposedly 'soulful' records by well-known artists. It reminds me of similar Jimi Tenor excursions into 'conservative' music styles, which is no wonder since both artists come from the same background (he even has a remix included here, as I see). And it was a major influence in certain works by the Innervisions guys; let's not forget that Henrik Schwarz got a lot of support from Lindblad in his starting days (see also ???).

For house fans it might be refreshing; for the others a pleasant surprise. For me it's house music I can always count on.

Freestyle Man - 2000 Going South
Info here.

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