Mostly a compilation of their previous EPs in F Comm, this album combines Detroit aesthetics with the roughness of the french electro techno scene of the early '00s and house feeling - plus good production.

Their maximalistic approach might sound dated to 'modern' ears; full of synths and fat drum sounds, for the old school it'll be just great. They drew my attention with their stronger attempts; 'Illogique' is a monster track and an old favorite with its sick vox and its drive, 'Spanish Harlem' borrows from the NYC techno blueprint and 'Abusive Melody' and 'Anxious Boy' might pass for fresh remixes of Detroit oldies. The rest of the album is also an adventurous journey, including a post-disco burner ('Slow'), electro, vocal house, even downtempo breaks. The inevitable house factor (it's F Comm after all) functions as the glue that holds the whole album together.

I haven't managed to check their recent releases in 20:20Vision yet. The Ovum one is more of a modern house record; secretly, I hope to see them again dare a bit more at the electro techno front again.

The Youngsters - 2001 LemonOrange
Info here.

P.S. 2010-01-11. Their 2nd album is here.

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