Safety in Details

Possibly the best white male voice around. Or I just like Brits more than I should.

Richard Davis is really called Paul Davis, at times he was Junkie Sartre. Member of various projects, namely the prolific Circulation (with Matt Jackson of Subtech) and with many remixes around, he seems to easily make collaborations and get mingled in varied stuff, yet always keeping a low profile and a very respectable attitude (at least media-wise, I don't personally know the guy).

Though he started from the UK house scene and did good (at least Circulation were big), he moved to Berlin and twisted his sound towards a more deep and minimal, more melancholic direction. Swayzak easily come to mind, so it's no surprise they also published his 'greatest hit' so far, the excellent 'Bring Me Closer' 12". Yet his sound is mostly defined by his voice; sentiments and love affairs and loneliness over minimalistic beats and moody pop loops, all in a smokey FX haze. Some call it vocal tech house, I call it modern pop.

'Safety' and one magnificent 12" went out through the now defunct Punkt Music. 'Details' is (very fittingly) from Kitty-Yo.

Now he's in the group Dominique of Dial Records.

Richard Davis - 2002 Safety
Info here.

Richard Davis - 2005 Details
Info here.

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