Totes Rennen

From Supposé, the same label that brought us this recording by Albert Hofmann, also comes the first Ester Brinkmann CD.

Similar only to other Brinkmann works of the era and to certain W.Voigt projects, it consists of groovy clicks and thumbs produced and looped by Brinkmann's decks while philosophers (and Blixa) hypnotically state rather serious sounding phrases - alas, unintelligible to us non-speakers of the german language. Still the concept is powerful and the music is minimal techno in the purest germanic sense - a very good Brinkmann record not to be missed by fans (it must be a bit rare).

I've also included a Scanner/Brinkmann collaboration in the .rar, I think I found it as a freebie in one of Scanner's sites.

Ester Brinkmann - 1998 Totes Rennen
Info here.

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