Erinnerungen eines Psychonauten

Something strictly for the german-speaking, a document by the Man himself, prof. Albert Hofmann, recently deceased (age 102).

Read some stuff for him here and here.

This autobiographical book can be found in English here.

This CD was released in Cologne's Supposé in 2003, a label specialized in spoken word CDs by highly influential personalities and experimental music (a lot of Brinkmann). Here is the label site. Not my rip, but once more I don't remember from where I've got it.

Albert Hofmann - Erinnerungen eines Psychonauten
Von der Entdeckung entheogener Drogen
Info (in german) here.

Albert Hofmann has been the equivalent of a cultural grandfather for entire generations of people in the west world, whether they know it or not. Rest in peace and thank you for all, Herr Professor, you did a great job.

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