In Synch #2

So, Synch festival is over. Over all, a rather poor experience compared to the previous years' ones.
I caught Moritz von Oswald on the decks, playing some roots dub for about an hour and then launching into some crazy electro Bullwackies oddities, space crazy. These Hardwax guys are incredible, I always go to listen to them with the highest expectations and they surpass them every time. Later followed Pinch in a really good dubstep set with a lot of dub techno cuts, still it sounded artificial after the previously blasted dub experiments. The next day the Von Oswald Trio (with Vladislav Delay and Max Loderbauer) improv performance didn't impress me that much, still I was anxious to play and I couldn't sit still so maybe that was it... Juan Atkins canceled. And I missed I-F. BIG shame.

Despite not much promotion, the heat and the obvious fatigue on all faces (it was the last day) the set went rather great. People kept dancing and liked more the oldschool stuff so I played like the hardest I've ever done in years and we all nearly passed out from the heat. Sweat on the walls, for sure. Hope I find some pics to post. I can still hear people howling over Juergen Paape's 'Take This'. Yeah, I had a great time.

P.S. I managed to find a very short and rather crappy video in YouTube from the Moritz set, here. Plus the last track from the Rhythm & Sound gig in Synch 2007, a rather better performance than the Scion vs Tikiman one of 2004. We're talking Mark Ernestus as 'selector', beaten by the heat, staring at his screen still as a stoned mannequin, feeding everything into delay boxes, and, of course, the great Tikiman: infinitely gifted, unstoppable and even thinner than the last time.
This track was a stab of pure joy in my heart, a track I instantly fell in love with and later searched for. I found it in other concerts as well, but I still don't know its name. Here.

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