Broken Boys

So, these are the two EPs of Broken Boys.

Two brothers hailing from Sweden, Olof and Oskar, kindly shared them for us all and I suggest you give it a try because there's great potential here. Musically they lean mostly towards IDM, dub and sample-laden '80s heavy electronics (a la Sandoz), though many underground currents of the last decades can be detected at times (Detroit, indie pop, oldschool trip hop, acid house, etc), combined with DIY aesthetics which I really dig. I guess they could be easily swept upwards in the contemporary dubstep current, although their music is more introvert and personal. Despite a few occasional imbalances production-wise (or because of them) the outcome is solid and with personality, something really rare nowdays.

Broken Boys - 2007 selftiled EP

Broken Boys - 2008 The Kill-Off EP

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