In Synch

So, through the S.A.E. sponsorship we managed to sneak into Synch Festival, undoubtedly the most valid electronic music gathering in Greece, held this year in an old gas factory's premises in downtown Athens (hence the name, Gazi). For info on Plasteline here and here.
The only thing worrying me is that probably I'll play at the same time as Juan Atkins, which is an honor and a pity at the same time (he's the last of Detroit legends I've not yet seen a gig of).
Performing on Friday are old friends: long time co-conspirator Dura and label owner Funkslut, while Thodoris Triantafillou aka one half of Novox and me will play on Sunday, as a closure.
For Athens residents or visitors, we'll be there. Fear & Loathing in Gazi.

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