Elegia is Laurent Collat, part of the F Comm family until 2003.

Both records were released there, fitting the label's sound perfectly. The EP is a phat deep house gem, smooth and sensual, more US- than French-house influenced. The album sounds more mature, presenting a variety of genres and styles, from tech-ish house tracks with vocals to electro, smooth drum'n'bass and downtempo interludes. A definite turn towards more complex drum programming is apparent, without of course reaching the extremes of contemporary 'IDM' and always combined with lush synths, vocals and other 'elegant' elements. His ability as an engineer and producer is undeniable, giving his tracks this extra touch that could satisfy a club and a snobby lounge cafe alike, while at the same time making them perfect for home listening.

Elegia - 1997 From Nowhere With Love EP
Info here.

Elegia - 1999 Sounds Within
Part 1 - Part 2
Info here.

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