A 2CD combo of remixes by the mighty Playgroup aka Trevor Jackson for a multitude of artists plus a couple of his own tracks; including the DJ Kicks- exclusive cover of Depeche Mode track 'Behind The Wheel'. Out through Peacefrog - another right-on-the-spot compilation from this sheer quality label.

I remember he was compared to the DFA guys, as his selftitled LP and the 'Losing My Edge/ Beat Connection' 12" made an impact at about the same time. I've always considered this unfair; to my ears Jackson's aesthetics form a more concise proposition than DFA's (whom he also outranks production-wise). It works better for me that he's more focused on the hallucinogenic qualities of dancefloor music than in junk-punk aggressiveness; but that's a matter of taste, as always. Merging house, acid, disco, fat electro and heavy funk, putting the holy Bass over all - this is serious stuff for clubbers, don't get tricked by the hype following him at the time. The only producer/ remixer/ DJ to be compared with him has to be Ewan Pearson (for whom I keep another soft spot in my heart).

I believe Trevor Jackson influenced the evolution of today's music rather more than what he's credited for. Find out why here.

Playgroup - 2004 Reproduction. The Remixes
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

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