Populär Serie. Teil 1 Und 2

Weird and sweet electronics from this rather obscure Munich- based label, of which I know nothing - I've actually encountered a CD only once, while recently I dug up a post (here) in the sickness-abounds blog.

These two CDs compile two vinyl LPs, parts 1 and 2 of (what was to be) the six parts Populär Serie. Names like N.U.F. (*), Hecker , Move D, Solvent and Hans Platzgumer (of H.P.Zinker and Queen Of Japan) should be enough to draw attention and help the label to sell. Still, it looks like this was their swan song - and a pity it is, as the game here seems to be originality, a lost concept to most. In the process, wonderful (and mostly accessible) weirdness has infiltrated most of the tracks while forms and styles dissolve and merge freely. Rather under-produced and away from the norms and hypes of the time, it went largely unnoticed - at least here (I checked it just because I was deep into Friedmann at the time). Part experimental electronics, part weird breaks, part US electro pop a la Ghostly Int. (a few years before them), it provides a slightly incoherent yet uncompromisingly attractive proposition. You might listen to it and ignore most of it at a time, only to re-discover certain tracks a couple of years later, pitying yourself for the time you lost.

'Tell Me The Truth' by the Electric Sheep is one of the electro-pop anthems in my brain, and 'Archer' by Move D is a favorite for reasons best left unexplained. All Source fans should pay attention to this one, by the way.

A good trick is to start with the second CD, turning the volume up.

VA - Heimelektro Ulm Populär Serie
Teil 1 Und 2 . 2000-2001
CD1 - CD2
Info here.

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