On the same ground with the previous post, this is a compilation of music from french movies of the '70s remixed by contemporary artists. Some info on the project can be found in the discogs info page.

I had no clue at who the composers were when I bought it (Morricone is one of them, actually) - and I haven't heard the original material. But I'd noticed remixes from many names I liked (Carl Craig and Swayzak on beat mode, Christian Morgenstern, Luke Vibert, etc) so I had to have it. Most remixers come from the freestyle scene, french or otherwise, so you get a lot of breaks, be it straight hip-hop, drum'n'bass or loungey funk. Special appearances by Berlin-based crazies Mocky and Kitty-Yo's Gonzales & Taylor Savvy must also be noted as the weirdest of the bunch - but we wouldn't expect less, right?

VA - 2003 Cinemix
Info here.

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