Venex + Memory

Of all the artists with names I 'll never pronounce correctly, this one's the most troubling and artistically interesting at the same time. Here are two albums from Paul Brtschitsch, number two and three respectively (I don't have the first one), out through Frisbee Records - inactive for some time now, as GoodGroove's MultiColor (*) has also been.

Oldschool, Frankfurt- and Berlin-influenced germanic techno with Detroit overtones and acid touches, made by synths and drum machines and samplers; probably recorded in live sessions as well. A joy for the ears and very handy for mixing, although many tracks might feel a bit tool-ish the first time - with some crucial twists on subsequent readings (or hearings... my english fail me once more). Tracks are slightly mixed, just enough to keep the beat going and preserve the live set feeling. A technohead's pleasure.

Paul Brtschitsch - 2001 Venex
Info here.

Paul Brtschitsch - 2002 Memory
Info here.

I had promised these two some time (...years...) ago in the ShoutBox. Sorry for the delay.

If someone could ID the "I Love It" sample in the track with the same title from 'Memory' it'd be great. It's too similar with the voice sample later used in M.A.N.D.Y.'s 'Achaat', though it's probably not from the same source.

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