Internal Empire

Everybody's talking about the 'Minimal Nation' album as the tour de force of the '90s minimal wave of Detroit techno; in which I partially agree, since it's definitely a landmark, a real classic. For me though the absolute masterpiece of that era was this one; the ultimate, mature definition of the minimal sound from the Man himself, out through Tresor. Only for 'Minus' and 'Home', it should be immortalized in techno's Top Ten list; yet it's out of print at the time...

And I thought, what the hell... Until it's repressed (hopefully by M.Plant), here it is.

Robert Hood - 1994 Internal Empire
Info here.

Ripped from the Tresor 77 repress (there are no differences, as far as I know).

P.S. Link removed due to the 2010 Tresor repress. Glad it's back on the shelves. Please go buy it. Original post 2010-03-28


JAM said...

great record, funny story: i owned the vinyl for a year or so before buying the cd and realizing i'd been playing the records at the wrong speed! actually pretty good both ways!

Nightlight said...

Oh how much I like these stories. Same thing has happened to me with a Pole vinyl, and much earlier with a Barry Adamson LP.

When I bought this one I was playing 133bpm techno, so there could be no mistake. But last year I bought the 'Grandfather Paradox' vinyl and was shocked to see they had 'Minus' printed in 33rpm... Then a (Combo, I think)re-edit appeared in the same speed, a heavy slo-mo disco cut.

But it sure sounds good; the benefits of analog production...