Nighttime Worlds

A couple of masterpieces from the man himself; some his more out-of-the-box moments (and rather hard to find in decent prices), drawing from Detroit techno-funk as well as from purer forms of funk, soul and jazz. In my mind, these albums are his tribute to the pre- and post-WWII nightclubs, evoking the spirit of those places where black music tradition was cultivated. Vol.1 is raw and beat-oriented, trying certain things yet retaining its techno-house character; Vol.2 is more multi-faceted and sophisticated, possibly Hood's best work music-wise, a work of beauty and power.

I was been playing Vol.2 for some time in my HPs when I saw that 'Internal Empire' (*) was reprinted; I decided to remove the posted link and to post these instead. So, enjoy.

Robert Hood - 1995 Nighttime World Vol.1
Info here. (LP rip)

Robert Hood - 2000 Nighttime World Vol.2
Info here. (CD rip)

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JAM said...

two of my favs! these two albums are so cool, really varied and different than most other "techno" records. great post, as usual. thanks.