Edge Of Now

A speaker announces:
'Welcome to the Edge of Now
And the menacing bassline kicks in. Then, a synthetic, in-your-brain voice transmits:
moving effortless
trying to forget
everything everything
feeling nothing
seemingly forever, while wave after wave synths wash our ears, each turn more lush and fat, a maximalist's joy of frequencies over slowly building fast pumping beats. Apparently, thoughts from that euphoric state that most people reach only at the peak of the curve of an extensively brain-damaging night. To its credit, the track ends with an equally burnt-out
Good times.

This is John Selway's debut solo album, as far as I know. I only have the LP of the [feis] (*) label version; I feel it fits the label's profile perfectly and that's why I used this cover (I happen to like it more, also) instead of the initial Ultra release's original. With its mix of techno/ electro beats and melodies, and with a couple of immediate hits ('Edge Of Now', 'New People', 'Digitalemotion'), it was a constant in my box for many years; I placed it close to Kiko's 'Midnight Magic' (*), and that's a really big compliment on my behalf.

I recently came upon this rip from the CD release and decided to share it at once. It stands as far away from minimal as you can get; fat, rich synthetic melodies riding over-compressed beats, it even sounds trance-like and oldschool. And mostly different from other Selway's more known works (say, his Smith/Selway collaborations). But I liked it then and still like it now, so here it is. Credits to the original uploader.

Selway - 2001 Edge Of Now
Info here.

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