I know it's been a while since my last (real) post. Besides my problems with RS, I'm in a truly shitty situation at work, that hasn't really ended yet; if I disappear again for a week or so, don't be upset. So, grab a quick one.

This is a deep, occasionally energetic and definitely housey compilation by our beloved Svek (*); disco, funk and breaks filtered through their trademark nord-house sound. It's the unofficial number five in the Lords Of Svek series, which I planned to post in full anyway at some time (and probably will do soon). All the usual suspects (Lekebush, Dahlbaeck, etc) are here, so you should need no more recommendations.

VA - 1999 The Lords Of Svek. Galaxy
Info here.


Keum en slip said...

I don't know you but I indeed appreciate all music which you put online. I hope that this is going to arrange for you at your job. Take car of you.

Anonymous said...

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