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A double post of Savvas Ysatis' albums on Tresor, representing the not-local greek not-really-a-scene.

I knew him as a New York City sound artist, relatively famous for his abstract sound constructions released through imprints like Instinct (*,*) and 12k as Omicron, as well as for his collaborations with Taylor Dupree as Futique and Seti. So, I was rather surprised (as well as a lot of people were I guess) when he released 'Highrise', a late '90s tech house album based on deep stabs, subtly filtered Chicago-inspiration and driving minimalistic beats, full of groove and sentiment. Detroit- inspired tech house from a greek guy in NYC releasing through Berlin; I liked the sound of it. Most importantly though, the album was good, especially for home listening.

I don't know if it was really well received; two years later though a second album appeared, made on the same blueprint. Although he also released his more abstract stuff, he carried on with the idea in Greece, forming a duo with a indie-gone-commercial 'vocalist'; the project was named 'Allou', meaning 'elsewhere'. They had a release where he keeped on doing more or less the same things, the voice ruins everything though (my personal opinion, as always). After that he released a 12'' in Klik's sub Nuevo. He's still in Greece, I think.

Savvas Ysatis - 1999 Highrise
Info here.

Savvas Ysatis - 2001 Select
Info here.

So, what's up with the (not really common) name Savvas? I'll remind you of Savas Pascalidis of Kurbel, Lasergun and Gigolo; or Savvas Georgiadis aka Novatek, DJ Savage or Neuro D (*).
Who, along with Fluxion (*), might be all that you'll remember of the Greek scene in a couple of years, if we don't get our act together.

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