Some more EPs from Burgerland.

Trinkwasser - 1997 Cobra EP
Info here.

Trinkwasser - 1999 Extraleben EP
Info here.


The Modernist - 1998 Orange Coloured Sky EP
Info here.

Trinkwasser is a project with Lothar Hempel (aka Blitz, Magnet and Phong on Auftrieb and Kompakt) on vocal duties. Exploring this weird pop territory that Mr. Burger seems to like so much, they're combining techno, schaeffel, Air Liquide influenced electronics, even disco, with 'electro-pop' vocals. 'Extraleben' includes two Juergen Paape remixes.
'Orange Coloured Sky EP' contains two unreleased tracks plus another two from the 'Explosion' albums (in versions).
The EPs came out in Harvest and Popular Tools.

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