20' to 2000 series

I wanted to post this one for some time now.

From the Raster-Noton label site:
significant for the close interaction between experimental forms of music, art and science label noton produced a new series of 12 "20 minutes" cds. the artists' concept behind is the creation of a piece for the last 20 minutes of the year 1999 as a cutting edge of the past century. 20'to2000 is a monthly magazine-like cd released for the last year of the millenium. in the 12 issues 12 artists were invited to transform their ideas - possibly a manifest of the millenium - designed for the series using new technologies and characteristic translucent materials of noton. the series was awarded the "golden nica" from ars electronica in 2000.

In short, 12 artists produce 20 minutes of their favorite stuff, hailing the new millennium. All releases were issued in 20' duration CDs at the beginning of each month of 1999; that is the Komet one went out in January, Vaisanen's in February, etc. The outcome varies from irritatingly conceptual noise art crap to deep and meaningful constructions; a neatly packaged limited edition that provokes me to bitch a little for the usual reasons (*) , still I won't. For Raster-Noton and like electronics' fans, it should be a must to listen to it.
I consider about a third of it to be really interesting, the rest sounds rather boring; that's just me, of course. Others pay hundreds to buy it...

Discogs info here:
01. - Komet is label owner Frank Bretschneider
02. - Ilpo Väisänen of Pan sonic
03. - Ryoji Ikeda
04. - CoH
05. - Byetone is label owner Olaf Bender
06. - Senking
07. - Ester Brinkmann is Thomas Brinkmann
08. - Scanner is Robin Rimbaud
09. - Noto is label owner Carsten Nicolai
10. - Mika Vainio of Pan sonic
11. - Wolfgang Voigt aka Mike Ink, GAS, etc., etc.
12. - ELpH aka Coil

VA - 1999 20' to 2000 Series
Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Voigt's contribution is the same as the one a few posts back.
Found around the net...
As always, credits to the UOA (short for Unknown Original Uploader, ok?)


milola said...

part 3 is missing.

The Shore Lark said...

Great post, I never had the patience nor the time to convert all those in mp3, thanks ! ;)

Plus it's gonna allow me to hear the only one I don't have, Ryoji Ikeda's...

Nightlight said...

OK, milola, give me a couple of days, check the shoutbox.
Well, I didn't convert them, right? The holy UOA..
IMO, Ikeda'a is the one no one would miss anyway... Am I being a bitch or what?

Nightlight said...

Links updated. I think.

Bovinelife said...

Downloading now! So cool, I bought all these and then sold the buggers! Been after them again for ages!!

sovetskaya said...

re-up links pretty please