Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café

I had this one in some crappy mp3 form or another to listen to; until very recently, when I found a physical copy buried in a back shelf... So, it's a James Stinson production for Warp, leaning towards rather romantic directions; possibly his poppier stuff, without of course moving away from the electro norms that made Drexciya (*) so famous.

The Other People Place - 2001 Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café
Info here.


Sooor said...

Great album.

Thx for posting.

Tomek said...
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Rokas said...

This is one of the most influential albums for me for few last months , found it just accidentally , then watched the clip
and dam gattaca goes very good with this soundtrack , i love drexciya , but i think this work shows more of inside of him (deeper) , dam i really have to much music to get my hands on (buy)

Usman Mehboob said...

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