A very handy compilation of italo disco tracks, selected by Gianluca Pandullo (see the I-Robots project) and released through Irma Records.

Besides the much repressed 'Dance Boy Dance' hit by A.Robotnick, included here are many early '80s synth classics from Italy (check the tracklist) notoriously unavailable at the time it was released; mostly found in bootleg 12"s, actually, mainly promoted and distributed by the Clone posse. So, nothing new here for the electro & disco connoisseur; for the rest a great introduction to this futuristic discotheque sound, that apparently influenced oh so heavily the electro revival of the early '00s (... I didn't say the '-clash' word...), as well as a big part of the currently dominating nu disco scene.

You should at least check out the 'Spacer Woman' epic, anyway. If you don't like it, you might as well quit the rest too.

VA - 2004 I-Robots.
Italo Electro Disco Underground Classics

Info here.

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