Music Is Okay

Koze's first compilation of collaborations, remixes, etc. If you liked his recent 'Reincarnations' in Get Physical (and who didn't...), definitely check this one - it might even be better than the new one.

Didn't even know it existed for a long time, then spent as much more trying to track it down. In mp3 form only, so far.

DJ Koze - 2000 Music Is Okay
Info here.

'Koze' means 'vomit', if I'm not mistaken. Reminds me of Hell (who apparently got his name out of a faded Shell t-shirt), or Highfish. I like this kind of ridiculous nicknames, they show that the persons involved retain their punk sense of adolescent humor. That they grew out of a certain scene where a lot of close friends were involved. And that they never went for the big money and fame in the first place, they would have picked much better sounding aliases - see either true or fake names or scientific terminology (Drexciya & Co. escaped that trap only through their humorous, at times satiric approach of their own material and concepts).

So, more Vomit music here and here.


cranston said...

just for your information:

koze's real name is stefan kozalla and that's why he choose his nickname that's very closse to the german "kotze" (=vomit)

dj hell's real name is helmut geier, so hell is short for helmut.

thanks for the incredible good music on your blog

Nightlight said...

Yeah, I know both their names - sounds just like a 'best friends' humor' nickname and that's why I mentioned it. I'm still trying to remember where I heard that Shell t-shirt story...